The vital importance of BAR (Balance and Reputation) for today’s leaders


Helping companies balance their imperative for profitability and meeting budgets with ethical conduct, making organisations more sustainable and competitive


By achieving this balance, corporate reputations are protected and enhanced, avoiding the damage and costs associated with internal and external conflict, controversy, negative media and regulatory action

Raising the Bar

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Recognised In Academia & Industry 

Raise the Bar has been developed by academic, medical, and commercial professionals with real world experience in organisational improvement. 

Endorsed by the Queensland University of Technology, Raise the Bar provides a simple, multi-criteria assessment suited to agencies across the public, private and for-purpose / not-for-profit sectors.

Is your reputation and future at risk?

Raise the BAR is a university accredited program delivering risk reduction, reputation protection and enhancement, improved employee psychological and physical safety, and greater returns to stakeholders.

User-Friendly Diagnosis

This is achieved through user-friendly diagnosis to help identify organisational opportunities and areas for improvement.

Assurance for Leaders

Raise the Bar provides leaders with more assurance about their workplace conduct and customer service standards, reducing the risk of negative performance, complaints, adverse media, political scrutiny, and reputational damage.

Serving Diverse Industry Sectors

No matter what industry or service your organization delivers, Raise the Bar enables you to bridge the gap between your brand promise and reality for your customers, staff and stakeholders.

Ready To Raise Your Bar?

Raise the Bar is the world’s leading ethical benchmarking service and training provider.

We help you to improve your:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Corporate Identity
  • Employee safety (psychological and physical) 
  • Stakeholder relations

We can help your organisation embed the best practices to detect and deal with ethical misconduct – before it happens, and before your reputation is damaged.

"With increasing community, customer and investor concern about institutional behaviours, the ‘Raise the Bar’ assessment program is a timely, valuable tool for proactive, smart leaders…"
The Hon. Rod Welford
Attorney General of Queensland (2001-2005) and 20-year Queensland parliamentarian