Certified Partners

The RAISE THE BAR program is primarily delivered by a network of specially selected and trained Certified Partners.

To become a Certified Partner, an organization and each individual who delivers the RTB program must undertake both initial and ongoing training in the RTB system for diagnosing and then addressing key organizational opportunities and risks based on the RTB system.

The training covers each of the four key components of an organisation’s ethical performance and culture –

  • Enhanced service delivery and market share
  • Improved performance through organisational culture
  • Enhanced organisational leadership
  • Improved corporate risk management capability

Becoming a Certified Partner of RTB provides you with the potential to strengthen your own organisation’s values and focus, diversify your service offering to existing clients, expand market share and enter new market segments, build deep client relationships and help expand the practices of reputable and responsible business throughout the industry sectors in which you operate.

To learn more about how to become a Certified Partner, contact:

Dr Mark Harvey – Program Director

+61 7 3102 4145

[email protected]