Short form diagnostic tool

Raise the Bar is a rigorous program that starts with a diagnostic tool that assesses all key components of an organisation’s operations relevant to operational integrity.

The program addresses problems and risks and maximises opportunities simultaneously because it is both:

  • A comprehensive best practice and ethics assurance program for organisations which aligns the values and expectations of the organisation, it’s stakeholders (including regulatory and legal requirements) with all organisational systems and practices, and
  • An organisational success and growth program that assists in maximising success and growth opportunities, minimising risks and creating long term sustainability and profitability.

Organisations and leaders that engage the program maximise success and growth opportunities, minimise risk and create long term sustainability and profitability by embedding:

  • Proven, ethical corporate and human resource systems and practices
  • Ethical Systems and Practices which support a favourable corporate identity and culture
  • Ethical Systems and Practices that attract, retain and get the best out of talent
  • Ethical Systems and Practices that attract, retain and match the values and standards which stakeholders, including clients, customers and partners demand.


As a first step to understanding the core dimensions of the program, RAISE THE BAR offers a complimentary introductory diagnostic analysis based on a short 29 question short answer survey of key elements of the assessment. This tool is not comprehensive but designed to give you an insight into the various aspects of opportunity and risks facing the business and the type of report that can be generated from implementing the full diagnosis as the first phase of the Program.


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