How It Works

The Raise the Bar program helps deliver the alignment between the values and expectations of the organisation, it’s customers and stakeholders (including regulatory and legal requirements) and actual organisational practices.

Through this, assessment and response costs are minimised, crisis and issues are avoided, and opportunities are maximised.

Online assessment

You complete the guided on-line self-assessment in core areas of corporate administration and performance. Alternatively, we can guide you through this process in-person.

Tailored Report

We prepare a tailored report based on this information, detailing your organisation's comparison with best practice.


We discuss the outcomes, and potential areas for further development and protection.


A training program is proposed and completed to address weaknesses and leverage strengths.


You receive a QUT endorsed 'Raise the Bar' certification upon reaching our recognised standard.

Raise the Bar's reports

Raise the Bar focuses on four core organisational components throughout the program:

The analysis produces four radar charts to provide high level outcomes. We use an easy to understand traffic light analogy of green (developed), amber (developing) and red (not developed). Examples of an assessment follow:

In addition to the action ready analysis provided by the radar charts, a detailed explanation report is generated which highlights opportunities and risk mitigation. This is preferably delivered through in-person sessions with organisational leaders.

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