Be wary of the superficial “Cultural Review”

It’s happening again. Broad corporate (including the public sector) memory seems unable to recall that the following two things do not work to address unethical behaviours occurring within organisations: A superficial “cultural audit”, “cultural realignment” or any other phase with “culture” simply added for effect Such an audit being led by the unqualified or dubiously […]

We need certainty around increased spending on defence

By Dr Mark Harvey, Project Delivery Associate at The Vaxa Group The Commonwealth Government is reportedly considering increasing defence spending from $45 billion/year to $75 billion/year over the coming decade. You’ll get no argument from me on that, as the strategic reasoning is clear. So is the much-needed boost it will help bring to the […]

Raise the Bar announces exciting partnership with Fidelius to deliver services in Malaysia

In delivering ethics and integrity programs to the broader geographical region, the team at Raise the Bar are pleased to announce a new partnership with Fidelius. Fidelius will be our new Certified Partner in South East Asia.  Fidelius Sdn Bhd is a specialist corporate advisory company with expertise in corporate governance and human capital (Ethics […]