In delivering ethics and integrity programs to the broader geographical region, the team at Raise the Bar are pleased to announce a new partnership with Fidelius.

Fidelius will be our new Certified Partner in South East Asia.  Fidelius Sdn Bhd is a specialist corporate advisory company with expertise in corporate governance and human capital (Ethics & Integrity) issues. They also provide coaching and counselling and dispute resolution advice.

Fidelius is built around the skills and experience of David Berry and Mimi Marina Mansoor.

David is the Managing Director of Fidelius Sdn Bhd, as well as being Deputy President of the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance, and a Director of the Malaysian Investor Relations Association.

He has served both as an Executive Director and as an Independent Non-Executive Director of public listed companies, and has a unique combination of experience in merchant banking and corporate affairs spanning five decades.

David was a founding contributor, faculty member and Programme Coordinator for Bank Negara Malaysia’s Financial Institution Directors’ Education Programme, and has also been a leader in the development of the investor relations profession in Malaysia.

Mimi is a Director of Fidelius, and has a background in Customer Service, Corporate Planning, Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

In the aftermath of some well-publicised ethical lapses, Fidelius believes Raise the Bar will create great interest among Malaysian corporates, especially in the financial services sector and the larger listed companies, including government related organisations.

Raise the Bar founder and program director Dr Mark Harvey acknowledges the driver behind Raise the Bar has been to improve outcomes for organisations, their clients, their communities and their economies by embedding ethical practice.

“With this in mind, it is with pride that we welcome our Certified Delivery Partner, Fidelius who will deliver the program across the Malaysian financial sector, sharing the scope for positive ethical outcomes across our region,” Dr Harvey said.

“We believe this development will benefit the economies of both Australia and Malaysia as we Raise the Bar for business and finance standards on the road to COVID recovery.”

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