Aged care

Raise the Bar is committed to aligning the values and requirements of aged care providers, every day and everywhere. Our program is designed to assist Aged Care providers to bridge the gap between the values of the organisation and the lived experience of care recipients. 

Ethics are important to us and they should be important in every workplace, specifically the aged care industry. Aged Care providers have recently been scrutinised for failing to deliver the level of care expected by residents, in home customers and loved ones. With unethical behaviours being the key reason for service failure. As a result, Aged Care providers are now more accountable, and Board Members and CEOs can be held personally accountable for service failures and unethical behaviour. 

Our program will provide the necessary certifications, strategies, skills and techniques for Boards, CEO, managers and service staff to transform practices across the aged-care industry whilst providing better residential and in-home outcomes and long-term competitive advantages for providers. Raise the Bar will also improve Boards’ and CEOs’ risk profiles, improve the delivery of service and rebuild the trust and respect of residents and their families. 

For further information view our brochure or to schedule an obligation free consultation, please contact: 

Dr Mark Harvey – Program Director

+61 7 3102 4145

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