Raise the Bar is committed to bridging the gap between service providers in the property industry and the experience of their customers, staff and stakeholders. Maintaining high ethical standards and practices is vital in the property industry and it is imperative that practitioners within the industry know these standards and continually abide by them. Organisations who don’t meet these standards can face major consequences, with the CEO’s and Boards’ being held responsible for unethical behaviours.


Our program maximises competitive advantage and minimises risk to property service organisations by embedding:

  • Ethical corporate and human resource practices.
  • Practices which support a favourable corporate identity and culture.
  • Practices that attract, retain and get the best out of talent.
  • Practices that attract, retain and match the values and standards which. stakeholders, including clients, customers and partners demand.

Our analytical tools help your accountability to clients by providing education, strategies and techniques to align your organisation’s ethics and values with your intended service standards.


For further information and to schedule an obligation free consultation, please contact:

Dr Mark Harvey – Program Director 

+61 7 3102 4145 

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